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Character; Series: Allen Jonathan Edwards; Ardent Sin (Original)

Character Journal: [Bad username or unknown identity: ”forgedpapers”]

Character Type: Secondary Character

Digimon Partner: Chocomon <- Lopmon -> Andiramon -> Cherubimon (Good)

D-Comm Colours/Symbol: Brown with the Rosetta Stone

Imported from another RP?: Nope.

Character Appearance: Photobucket

Character Age: 18; Born 21.02.1899

Character History: Allen was born in 1899 in Cairo while his father, mother, and brother were following his father's lecture tour around the world. Growing up on the move suited Allen well enough. He was always curious, and enjoyed tagging along after his older brother. When he was ten, his father's lecture tour ended and they settled down in London at their family's estate. Allen and his brother started formal school for the first time, and while Mitch talked back to teachers and students and generally made a fuss about anything he found wrong, Allen kept to himself and focused on his studies.

During a school trip to the British Museum, he saw the Rosetta Stone and decided he wanted to become a linguist. He and his brother had already learned English, German, French and Arabic together while they had traveled with their mother and father. However their father did not support his desire and refused to allow him to take another language. He had taken to studying his father's illuminated texts in order to hone his language skills, and soon began teaching himself Italian and Spanish. Mitch argued with their father on Allen's behalf and he was finally allowed to take Latin. Though, by the time he started the class, the family had moved to Germany.

In Germany Allen had a much harder time adjusting to school life. He and his brother were enrolled in an all boys school with extremely strict teachers. Many of the other students picked on him for it only being his second year in school. It didn't help when a little over a year later, their father sent Mitch back to London to live with their grandparents. Without his brother for the first time in his life, Allen's grades began to suffer. His mother became concerned, until things worsened again and she died of TB the year Allen turned 13.

His father moved him back to London, then left on another lecture tour. Allen continued at a normal school, while Mitch continued with the tutors their father had hired when he'd sent Mitch to London on his own. Glad to be back with his brother, Allen didn't care much at first. Though he soon realized that something in Mitch had changed. His brother had started keeping secrets from him, and it took Allen a few months to figure out that his older brother planned to run away as soon as he'd saved up enough money to leave the country. Allen convinced him to take him as well, admitting to forging a few assignments here and there for classmates and reasoning that he could easily use his talents to forge papers for them along the road.

When Mitch turned 16 they bought passage to Cairo where they met, Rashad Aziz el-Kahir and Lutfi Salah el-Kahir. Rashad and Lutfi acted as guides and friends during the months they spent wandering the Middle East. After the Middle East they traveled to Eastern Europe until late 1914 at which point war had broken out across Europe. They carefully traveled through Germany, playing on their German heritage until they managed to sneak into Belgium where they met with a few of their father's friends. Their father's friends told them to go back home to England, however the brothers instead decided to go to Paris. Upon trying to leave Belgium they were arrested by the Belgian army. After a few long days of interrogation, they were determined to be allies, they joined the Belgian forces as couriers and interpreters.

For the next two years, Allen and Mitch traveled between Belgium, France and Germany. Mitch sometimes acted as a spy in German territory, while Allen would stay with various troops, helping out around camp until messages needed to be sent. It was while his brother was off on some shady assignment that Allen met a young French soldier who had been going to school to become a writer. They managed a short, quiet affair, before he was sent off to deliver a message to another town. News reached him later that the entire regiment had been killed, but he had little time to focus on it since he and his brother were requested by the French army to translate for a girl they had captured trying to cross the French-German line.

They made their way to Verdun and met the hot tempered Japanese girl the French had caught. After a few minutes it was clear she wasn't a spy, and claimed to be trying to go to Berlin to find her sick brother. The French decided to send her back to Paris, much to her annoyance, and Allen convinced his brother to agree to take her. Then convinced him to help the girl look for her brother. After some considerable effort, they made it to Berlin only to find that Rei's brother had been moved, but the hospital didn't know to where. Their best idea was somewhere in England, but they couldn't be sure. So the trio traveled to London, by which point Mitch had gotten over his initial dislike of Rei and had started dating her. Once in London they reached the end of their funds and with no easy way to make money, grudgingly went back home.

Their father was less than pleased with them, and only agreed to let them stay if Allen and Mitch went back to school with intentions of moving onto Oxford eventually. His other condition was that Rei become a proper lady, which was met with much screaming and cursing. They all agreed however and Mitch and Allen were able to convince their father to let Rei continue her apprenticeship as a mechanic. Mitch and Allen both found as many spare jobs as they could so that they could save up enough money to leave again. Living with their father was not something either was fond of, even though they hardly ever saw him. Soon they were looking for Rei's brother again, but in the summer of 1917 the bombings started and put their search on hold.

Character Personality: Always the quieter of the two brothers, Allen is observant, rational, and a realist. He has a high attention to detail and a sharp mind that he uses that to his advantage when forging papers and when he as to pass them off as legitimate. He enjoys a challenge, word games, and translating a good book. Most of the time, he could be considered serious. But his fun side normally shows around his brother and friends. He can be devious when he needs to be, and honed it on his older brother while they were growing up.

He is friendly, but cautious of new people. As well as careful when going into possibly dangerous situations. He's more cool headed than his older brother, and often acts as a mediator between Mitch and others.

Digimon Personality: Lopmon has a sunny, friendly personality. She enjoys reading, and sometimes writes short stories. She generally enjoys life and doesn't let much keep her down. She's kind and enjoys helping out other digimon, though not to the point where she'd put herself or her tamer in danger. She doesn't like to fight, and will try to avoid altercations as best she can. However she does enjoy the occasional friendly debate. If Lopmon does get angry she takes it out on a pad of paper, her day to day chores, or by redirecting her anger into a passionate argument. When she's sad or upset, Lopmon likes to bury her nose in a book until she feels better. She doesn't normally like to talk about what she is upset about.

Character Abilities: Allen can speak and read about a dozen languages. He is a skilled forger and interpreter. He can use some firearms and learned how to fence like his brother, but generally isn't a great fighter. He knows how to drive and service a motorbike.

Sample RP: Once the bombs had started to drop everything broke into chaos. First Mitch lost his grip on Rei's hand, then his stupid brother had tried to go back for her. He'd seen the crater, she was gone. And though he loved her like a sister already, there was nothing they could do for her. So now he was sitting, huddled up against the tiled side of the tube station, listening to the slightly muffled explosions above. Mitch wasn't coming back. Not until he found Rei. And Rei was more than likely dead.

It wasn't until after dark that the police and soldiers began coming around and asking for civilian volunteers. Allen stood up and made his way to the small group that had gathered near the stairwell back up to the surface. One of the officers gave him annoyed glance, but they needed everyone's help that was willing and able. Even if some of the someones looked like they belonged buried in the back of secondary school library. He didn't really have a plan, but looking for Mitch and Rei was his first goal. Even if all he found were bodies.

Someone handed him a torch as the group moved up to street level and he began shining the light at the corners of collapsed buildings and calling out for survivors. They'd all talked about what they would do if they were caught up in an air raid. And the concensus had been to move on. There was nothing to be had by focusing on the past or on things that couldn't be changed. But as he began to wade through the wreckage he started to find the bodies of families with children. An elderly couple who had probably just sat down in front of the fire with a cup of tea. And a black lab puppy with a little bow on the collar. Some of the bodies looked peaceful, others were terrified. He'd seen hundreds of bodies over the past three years. But most of them had been soldiers. It was wrong to bring civilians into a war started by the leaders of countries.

Finding himself in front of a bakery whose upper levels looked like they may tumble into the street, he climbed in through the ruined front window. The front of the shop was filled with debris, but it didn't look like anyone was there. After checking under the counters, he made his way into the back where it looked like the workers had been trying to close up shop for the day. He called out and heard someone crying. But there was no one there, not under tables or counters, or in cupboards. The last place to look was the oven. He opened the doors to the industrial oven and found a little girl hiding there.

"Hey, hello." He said in a soft voice.

But the girl looked at him with terrified eyes, then jumped down and ran out the front door. Allen called after her to wait, but she was gone. It was strange that someone would have left their little girl alone. So he continued out the back, into a small courtyard. Under a pile of brick that had once been the wall of the building next door, he could see a hand, and the corner of what looked like a cellar door. He would never be able to move all the debris himself to see if there was anyone in the cellar, so he headed back into the bakery to go out to the street for more help. He heard something above him creak loudly and shined the torch at the wooden beams as dust began to fall from between the floorboards. There was only a moment's more hesitation before he was running as fast as he could towards the front of the little bakery. He felt something hit the back of his head a few steps from the door and then everything went black.

Sample Journal Entry:
[Static clears to show a Lopmon holding a leather packet of papers.]

Tamer just got here. He seems okay, but he's got a pretty big bump on the back of his head. I think his name is Allen?

[The digimon shuffles through the papers in the leather packet.]

But it might be Alban? He's got a lot of papers here, ID papers I think...anyway I need some help getting him to a hospital to make sure he's okay.

[Puts the papers down and glances back at Allen laying on the ground with his jacket stuffed under his head as a pillow.]

I'm sending out our coordinates now. I'd appreciate any help I can get.


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